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A message (and a song) from Duane Stephenson!

June 08, 2011

Here is a note from WeFeedback Guest Blogger, Duane Stephenson, currently on tour with the Wailers

As I reflect on my work as a performer each night I have to think, “What if I went out on stage to perform without having anything to eat? Each day thousands of children don’t get the nutrition that they need to get through the school day. Kids cannot learn if they don’t get proper nutrition. How will they become productive adults if they can’t concentrate in school? Many of my lyric address the issues that the poor face. This line in particular makes the point that for us, “Things could be better, things could be worse, take a look around….inna “Sufferer’s Heights, the youths them can’t get no dinner, and pure old clothes dem dress up inna….” You can hear my latest single Sufferer’s Heights on with these lyrics here.


Sufferer's Heights (Rockers Version)-Duane Stephenson by ZionBoundMedia