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A New Inspirational Reggae Talent

March 25, 2011 Source: Great Spirit Media

[... I first heard Duane Stephenson on a cut called "August Town" a couple years back; it was a really strong piece of social commentary inspired by a real event, when police shot up a dance in Jamaica. Impressed as I was by that track, I didn't pick up on his first album. But did get his second one, BLACK GOLD, recently released on VP Records. It is a revelation, a presentation of quality in every respect from start to finish, a nice, varied set that plays through as a well-rounded album, unlike so many recent albums where it is just the same thing cut after cut ...]

Album Review: From August Town

March 24, 2011 Source: Oonu Culture

[... In August 2006, Duane decided to leave Toisis to take center stage on his very own as a solo act. His first official solo album, From August Town, which dropped September 17 on reggae label VP Records, features the infectious title track "August Town" ushering in a new era of soulful roots. caught up with Duane to discuss his new album, and what it means to be From August town ...]

The Year in Reggae

March 24, 2011 Source: Pitchfork

[... Duane Stephenson, who, like Riley, is produced by legendary sax man Dean Fraser, released From August Town; the title track is undoubtedly a highlight of not just 2008, but perhaps the past few years. ...]

Movement of the People

March 24, 2011 Source: Billboard Magazine

Inside Reggae's Roots Rock Renaissance

Each One Teach One

March 24, 2011 Source: Skywritings

[... Heartfelt singing, and exceptional songwriting, made Duane Stephenson's debut album, From August Town, one of this year’s breakout hits. Thanks, however, must also go to the overall artistic guidance of the album’s producer, saxophonist extraordinaire Dean Fraser ...]